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Family Haider & Whisky Team   

Monika Haider is the heart of the company and pulls the threads in the background. Most visitors to the distillery can also enjoy a guided tour and tasting with her.

Since the beginning of 2016 Jasmin Haider-Stadler has taken over the management together with her mother. Besides her duties as a young entrepreneur, here main job is in marketing and communication.

Her husband, Daniel Haider Stadler, is himself an entrepreneur in Nuremberg and supports them wherever his time permits.

Although Johann Haider has been in retirement since the beginning of 2016, the distillery is, of course, still available with advice and action. It is an integral part of the company.

The family receives energetic support from the whole "Whisky-Team" in the day-to-day work.

Romana Kastenhofer: Frontoffice & Führungen

Katharina Kaswurm: Rezeption & Verkauf

Tanja Brenner: Rezeption & Verkauf

Martina Tatarkova: Vermarktung & Produktion, derzeit in Karenz

Jozef Tatarka: Destillation & Haustechnik

Maria Fichtinger: Vermarktung & Produktion

Nicole Czech: Vermarktung & Produktion





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Whisky-Erlebniswelt & Destillerie Haider 

1. Whiskydestillerie Österreichs, 

A-3664 Roggenreith 3

Tel.: +43 (0)2874 7496 

Fax: +43 (0)2874 60596