Welcome to Austria’s 1st whisky distillery

In 1995 the Haider family set the course for a new future. What was formerly known as a farm has become one of the top distillers of spirits and liquor. 

It all started twenty years ago when an economic shift caused by entry into the European Union brought along the idea for a family business whose mission was clear: distilling must be an experience of all senses. It was only three years after the Haider family had started that they would finally present their magnum opus: Whisky

Today, their highly acclaimed rye whisky has set international standards and is experienced by people from all over the world. 







Whisky-Erlebniswelt & Destillerie Haider 

1. Whiskydestillerie Österreichs, 

A-3664 Roggenreith 3

Tel.: +43 (0)2874 7496 

Fax: +43 (0)2874 60596